“Princess” adopted

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Princess was adopted into her new home on Saturday. I talked to her new mom after the long ride home (the other side of the state) and she said that Princess was extremely well behaved on the ride home. Her new mom initially had hopes of training her to go outside immediately but Princess is pretty set in her ways right now about using the litterbox. That’s definitely not a bad thing, but she will need to get a little more comfortable before she feels at ease enough to use the outdoor potty. I’m sure that once it warms up they will have no trouble transitioning her to go potty outside.

Princess was always a little on the shy side,  but her new mom said that Princess is already warming up to the kids just in 1 day and she doesn’t think that will be an issue at all. I know that once Princess becomes truly comfortable with her new family, her relationship with her new siblings with really begin to blossom.