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  1. Upton is adorable! How much does he weigh at 8 months of age? Has he been neutered? Our Havanese family member (Max) just turned 1 year old, and he weighs 13 lbs. I am contemplating about adding another pet to the mix, but I would want one about the same size as Max. Thank you for your time.

  2. Bailey is even more the queen bee around here and seems to be enjoying it. She is just so darn cute she gets away with alot! She’s taking us to Obedience class and I think we are learning.

  3. Fun times when you have babies. I love the name game and enjoy seeing the pups pictures as they grow up. Lori you are an amazing woman and breeder. You are excellent at what you do overall.

  4. Robby and I have been following your page and watching for the right addition to our family. Hobbes is a wonderful dog and would like to add a playmate for him. We recently watched a friend’s dog for a few days and Hobbes loved the company. Rocky appears to be the right match but would like to know if he is still available. Thanks Brenda and Robby

  5. Our new little guy is a gem.
    Lobo is the best-behaved and most lovable little guy we could imagine. He and Xavier are finding their own way together.
    He is very easy to work with–I just take him outside and almost as soon as his feet hit the ground he squats and pees. I praise him while he is peeing or pooping, and as soon as he is done he runs to me for petting and more praise. What a delight!
    Lobo is a sweet, sweet boy and we love him already. He is curious and cautious and watches us to see if we approve of his actions. He cocks his head and his ears in such a charming way as he watches the life’s circus going on around him. He seems to have bonded to both of us, and already and comes to us for protection from anything that startles him. I anticipate that he will be much easier to train than Xavi, who was a hardheaded although well-meaning puppy. Lobo likes his crate and goes in on his own for naps.
    Leslie (and Al, and Xavier, Lobo, Moki and Peaches [Eclectus parrot and lovebird])

  6. She’s doing very well! My parents said she slept through the night last night without a peep! She saw me play tennis today & got to meet my friends they all loved her. 🙂 Hasn’t had an accident in the house, whimpers when she needs to go out. She’s a little angel! 🙂

  7. I will send you some pictures this week. Thanks Lori for such a sweet little one. We love her. Our daughter was watching cartoons with her this morning at 6:30 a.m. before school.

  8. We really appreciate you taking time with us last night. He is excited and so am I. We have been talking about getting a dog for years now and really deliberated over what kind and where to get it and so on and so forth.

  9. Hi Lori… Just wanted to share that Raine’s latest trick that she learned is “roll over”. She has mastered, sit, leave it, wait, down, high 5 and paw. She is sooo smart.