Haley aka Amethyst Rain

By Havanese Love | March 15, 2016

I knew i wanted a puppy but I didn’t have the time, with traveling back and forth from Sioux Falls, SD to Omaha, NE. We finally were able to move to the Omaha area and so I went in search of the perfect puppy. My sister told me for the temperament and family orientated the havanese is, that it would be a perfect pet for me. That and the fact that they are cute as can be.

So i went out on a couple of havanese groups here on facebook and I contacted a person that said they had a web site. After looking at their website I called this person and asked a few questions and after a couple of those questions was told ‘never to call back’ and this person hung up on me. So apparently that breeder was NOT the breeder for me.

I then received a private message from someone who wanted to actually connect with me and she gave me her web site page so i looked through it. She didn’t have any puppies at this time but was going to breed her girls soon. So after talking with her and talking on the phone with her I gave her a deposit on a female.

As you will see below Sunday and Yogi and the parents of the most precious little girl. She has this tiny little streak of white on the top of her head so I thought ‘Haley’s Comet’. Even though she was named Amethyst Rain to begin with, her name is Haley.

I am trying to be patient waiting to go and pick her up but she is still needing her momma for nursing. I can start to look at going to get her around the 12th of march. She will be 9 weeks old at that time.
So until i can get her myself I have shared the videos and photos that have been posted in another forum group to my group here. They are from start (birth) to present age 5 weeks old.

I cant wait it has now been set up that we are traveling to get Haley the 11th of march. So we will be driving to Michigan a 9 hour trip that day. I hope the weather stays good so we can make this trip, otherwise we will have to wait until April to go and pick up Haley

9 days and we go get her. yes I’m counting them down. I hope Haley travels well because from Michigan we are going to Wisconsin to visit my sister-in-law and spend the weekend with her. I also hope that Haley gets along with my sister’s dog Raven. I will be taking an ex-pen so if I need to they can be together but separated by the fencing of the ex-pen.

3 days until we leave to go pick up Haley. The excitement is mounting. i have hopefully gotten everything that i need. smile emoticon

It was a good trip. Haley traveled like a seasoned traveler. We went to Wisconsin after getting her and the other dog there did really well with Haley. Just a few times there was growling. Haley actually growled first at the other dog. She didn’t piddle on any of the floors and she used her peepads or went outside to potty. We have been home and she hasn’t gone anywhere in the house except on the peepad once. She is doing great.

Deb H